Johnny Depp Claims Amber Heard Tried To ‘Blackmail’ Him With Photo Of Actor Smoking Drugs From Glass Pipe

The legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard just went to a whole new level after the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” star claims his ex tried to ‘blackmail’ him with a photo of the actor allegedly smoking illegal drugs from a glass pipe.

The legal teams for both A-list stars faced off in a Virginia courtroom this week week, but it was what happened between the attorneys before the hearing that is now causing a huge issue between the parties.

According to our sources, before the hearing started, Amber Heard’s new attorney, Roberta Kaplan, and her associates approached Depp’s attorney’s to discuss the case.

Depp’s legal team claim they were shown several highly sensitive photographs, one in which Johnny Depp appears to be smoking drugs from a glass pipe, and several other photos showing alleged illegal drugs and paraphernalia located inside Depp’s home.

Our sources, who have seen the photos, say the glass pipe photo appears to show Johnny holding the paraphernalia and lighting it.

The two other photos allegedly show what appear to be drugs on a surface in the actor’s home.

We’re told the photos were taken several years ago, while the couple was still together.

They also feature signature personal items, which seemingly prove they were taken inside the actor’s home.

We’re told Kaplan threatened Depp’s attorney, that if they did not drop their opposition to a protective order to keep details of the defamation case private, she would show them to the judge in the case.

Johnny’s team declined, and the photos were presented in court.

According to the official transcript from the hearing, at one point during the proceedings, Heard’s attorney asked to approach the bench and present items that are sensitive in nature.

“These are highly confidential, Your Honor, so I just don’t want anyone else to see them. So, Your Honor, what I’ve just shown you are photos that are really just the tip of the iceberg that we would produce in this case. There are many, many more like them,” she said to the judge.

Kaplan made it clear to the judge that the photos are just proof ALL sensitive material from the case should be sealed.

She also admitted the drug photos are “good” for their side in the case.

“I wanted to show them to, Your Honor, because it should give Your Honor a very good sense of the kind of information we’re dealing with here. We obviously think these photos are good for us, help us prove our case, but we don’t think that they should be out on the Internet today, or they should be out in press articles”, she explained.

The judge viewed the glass pipe photo, and the other drug photos too.

Rebecca M | BNN News

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